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Change of Command at 107 Sqn
(14th October 2012)

Flt Lt Donald (left) and Flt Lt Bond

On 10th October 2012, the Officer Commanding 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron, Flight Lieutenant Paul Bond, conducted his final parade as OC and introduced his successor to the Squadron.  During the evening Flt Lt Bond made several presentations including badges to thirteen cadets who completed their First Class training, The Licentiateship Award in Youth Leadership and Training to CI Alan Whitehead and finally promotion for cadet John Riddell to Staff Cadet Warrant Officer.  He then conducted a formal inspection of the parade, accompanied by his successor Flt Lt G Donald.

Flt Lt Bond said: "This evening represents the end of twelve years of continuous uniformed service in the ATC, a service which has seen me travel the width and length of the United Kingdom, having held numerous positions on Squadron, Wing and even Regional levels.  Nevertheless, many of my fondest memories have come from 107 Sqn, I am proud to have acted as your OC.  I can think of nowhere better to end my uniformed service in the Corps."

Flt Lt G Donald (left) will succeed Flt Lt Bond as OC on 15 October 2012

CWO promotion
(14th October 2012)

Staff Cadet Warrant Officer John Riddell

107 (Aberdeen) Squadron are pleased to announce the promotion of John Riddell to Staff Cadet Warrant Officer.

CWO Riddell successfully passed a Wing Board Interview by demonstrating his ATC knowledge, achievements and significant contribution to the running of his Squadron.  He recently assisted Squadron staff in presenting a Cadet Method of Instruction course and continues his role in the training and development of cadets at 107 Squadron.  His interest in gliding has also allowed him to concurrently serve as a Flight Staff Cadet at 662 Volunteer Gliding Squadron where he puts his experience to good use in the glider training of other cadets.

Cadet Warrant Officer is the highest rank a cadet can attain and requires approval by the Wing Commander.  Very few cadets have the opportunity reach this rank with 2008 being the last time a cadet was similarly promoted at 107 Squadron.

Appointment of Wing radio Officer
(14th October 2012)

CI Ian Hopley, 107 Squadron Communications Instructor, has been appointed as Wing Radio Officer for North East Scotland. CI Hopley has over 30 years experience in the telecommunications field, latterly as a Satellite Communications Engineer.  He is also a licenced Amateur Radio enthusiast.

Regional Swimming Competition
(23rd September 2012)

Sgt Lois Prideaux and Sgt John Edgar from 107 Sqn were part of the team representing North East Scotland Wing in the Regional Swimming Competition.

Sgt Prideaux gained an individual Silver while Sgt Edgar achieved two Bronzes in Relay categories.

107 Squadron news update
(17 September 2012)

Cadets on marshalling duties at the JDRF Walk

•  107 Squadron and the Aberdeen Lions provided personnel to marshal competitors along the route of the JDRF Walk in Hazlehead Park.   CI Alan Whitehead had the role of Head Route Marshal, coordinating the activity for the event.  Despite a couple of light showers near the end of the event, the cadets enjoyed the day and are able claim two hours radio experience towards their Communicators badge.

•  107 Sqn competed against other squadrons in the Wing swimming competition and achieved second place in both the junior and senior girls’ categories as well as third place for the overall competition.

•  We have close links with the RAF Association (RAFA) and recently helped them with a fund raising collection for the 2012 Wings Appeal at Asda Bridge of Dee.  This raised an amazing £738.

•  Five cadets from various squadrons attended the Cadet Method of Instruction course hosted by 107 Sqn.  They all passed.  Once each has been assessed in the presentation of a lesson at their squadrons, to the satisfaction of the Wing Training Officer, they will be presented with their yellow lanyards and be able to take a greater role in the training of their fellow cadets.

•  At the Officer Commanding’s review held at the end of August, cadets were awarded with certificates and trophies for their academic, sporting and citizenship achievements in the last quarter.  Flight Lieutenant Bond also promoted cadets Keir Lynch to Corporal and John Riddell to Flight Sergeant.

•  A bus to the RAF Leuchars Air Show was organised for cadets, their families and members of the Civilian Committee.

•  The first of the football/hockey trials have been held for cadets who want to join the Wing teams for the Inter Wing competitions coming soon.

Altens Fire Station visit
(13th August 2012)

Cdt Nicholson at the wet end

Following a presentation and equipment demonstration by Grampian Fire and Rescue to 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron one parade evening we were invited to be their guests for a full day of activities at Altens Fire Station.

The Fire Station visit started with a safety brief then a tour of the building which.  The Fireman’s Pole there was only used for a short drop down one floor while we were told the one in the old King Street fire station stretched three floors.

Outside we saw the main fire appliances, the truck with removable pods of equipment depending on the type of call out and a major incident control vehicle.

The cadets split into two groups and each was shown round a fire appliance with explanations given on all the equipment carried.

After lunch came the fun stuff when we were instructed on how to use the fire hose, varying the type of jet or spray, and then practiced this ourselves.  Unwinding and rolling up the hoses is an art itself and after a demonstration the cadets tried having a race.   They then raced a fireman who had the whole hose unwound by the time they had just gone 10 feet.
Cadets with members of White Watch
The next demonstration was of how a person was rescued from a crashed car with one firefighter acting as the casualty. This was also a training exercise for GFRS so we saw in detail the procedures that had to be followed for the safety of both the casualty and the firefighters.  The roof was soon cut off and the casualty rescued.

We then had a chance to try out their breathing apparatus and feel what is was like to wear the face mask and, breathing the compressed air.  Sgt Prideaux tried a quick jog with the equipment on and thought it was an “ace experience”.

Finally the cadets had a ride in a fire engine at speed, twice round the fire station.  This was the highlight of the visit for a couple of them.

This was great action packed day and GFRS have invited us back for those cadets that could not make it on the day.

Promotion for Officer Commanding 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron
(26th July 2012)

Officer Commanding 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron, Paul Bond, has been promoted to the rank of Flight Lieutenant, effective 16th April 2012.

RAF Leuchars Guided Tour
(13th July 2012)

(l to r) Cdt Scott, Cdt Hopley, John Cruikshank VC, Cdt Reid and Cdt Nicholson in front of a Typhoon
Cadets with John Cruikshank VC

Cadets from 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron were invited to join members of the RAF Association (RAFA) in a guided tour of RAF Leuchars.

The first item on the itinerary was a tour of Air Traffic Control, starting in the Control Tower where we were able to watch aircraft movements and the controllers communicating with aircraft.  Next we saw the Radar Controllers at work monitoring the blips on their screens followed by an explanation of Precision Approach Radar (PAR).

Our next stop was at the RAF Police Dog Section where we met dog handlers and heard about the dog training before seeing a demonstration of a dog being used to apprehend an intruder.

Throughout our visit we had seen several Typhoon aircraft flying over the airbase and the highlight of the tour was an up close inspection of one.  We were taken right round the aircraft with a talk on its key features by a pilot who was an ex-cadet himself, followed by close up view of the cockpit.

RAFA is a membership organisation and registered charity that provides welfare support to the RAF Family.  107 Squadron helps them with fundraising throughout the year.

107 mile run completed
(8th July 2012)

Cadets and Staff who ran the 107 miles challenge

Fundraising for the Squadron has been given a boost with the sponsored 107 Mile Run challenge.

One Parade evening, cadets and staff ran a one mile route at Duthie Park with the aim to cumulatively cover 107 miles.

At the end of the evening they managed to exceed this by achieving a total of 123 miles, averaging over six miles each.

Wapinschaw shooting competition success
(8th July 2012)

(l to r) Cdt Sgt Riddell, Cdt FS Smith, Cdt Sgt Prideaux, (kneeling) Cdt Odlin

Members of the Air Cadets and Sea Cadets took part in the Wapinschaw small bore shooting competition recently.  Despite a lack of shooting opportunities in the past year, 107 Squadron cadets recently passed their Weapons Handling Tests in time to join other cadets in the competition.

At the end of the weekend 107 (Aberdeen) Squadron came away with the trophy for the overall winners, best RAF unit and individually Cdt FS Andrew Smith was the best shot in the over fifteen year category.

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