107 Aberdeen Squadron Air Cadets
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Gliding is one of the main activities the Air Training Corps takes part in.  You, as a cadet will get the chance to go gliding several times during your time in the ATC.  The most exciting part of gliding is that you may one day, become an instructor and fly other cadets.  With this in mind the training from day one is geared towards making you feel confident with the controls of the aircraft and encouraging you to take control and do the manoeuvres yourself.

The RAF has a fleet of Vigilant motorised Gliders and also some Viking sailplanes.  At 107 Sqn we travel to 663 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) at RAF Kinloss around four times a year to fly cadets.

The first stage is called a Gliding Induction Course (GIC) this is split into three parts and is open to any cadet. You will be flown around the local area and begin to get a feel for the controls.  If you find you really enjoy gliding (and you will!), you can apply for a Gliding Scholarship (GS).  The GS course is either done over consecutive weekends (between 3 & 5) or a weeklong course.  If you show your instructor you have the required skill and procedural knowledge after the first eight hours flying, you will be put forward for a Solo flight.  This is an extra three hours training and if you complete this successfully you will fly solo (on your own) around the airfield.

Following the completion of the initial GS course you will be permitted to wear Blue Gliding Wings on you uniform.  If you complete a solo flight, Silver wings are awarded.  Some cadets who show instructor qualities are then asked to return to the Gliding School and can complete Advanced Glider Training (AGT) and even become a fully qualified instructor.  Following completion of AGT you are awarded Gold wings, a huge achievement for any cadet.  A cadet who is working on their AGT or above is known as a Gliding School Staff Cadet and helps in the running of the Gliding school and the teaching of other cadets.

Gliding is great fun and many Gliding School Staff Cadets find it hugely rewarding to be able to teach younger cadets from their Squadron and sometimes experience with them their first flight.