107 Aberdeen Squadron Air Cadets
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ATC Ranks and Distinguishing Badges  
Position of badges on the brassard  

After a few weeks at the Sqn, we will issue you a uniform for you to keep and look after until you leave the Corps.  When in uniform you are representing the Air Training Corps and, when in public, the Royal Air Force.
For this reason you must maintain your uniform to the highest standard, but donít worry you will be taught how to do this.

There are three main types of uniform you, as a cadet, will wear. These are outlined below:

[B/G = Blue-Grey, the standard blue colour of RAF uniform]

Working Blue Uniform (Normal Parade Night uniform)

Dark Blue Shirt (collar open, never worn with tie)
B/G Trousers/Skirt (with B/G belt or optional RAF Stable belt)
B/G Jumper
Brassard (showing Squadron and Core identifiers, always worn on Jumper or Shirt)
RAF B/G Beret (with ATC badge)
Black RAF Shoes (NOT issued by squadron but can be bought for £25)
Black socks (NOT issued by squadron)

Formal Parade Uniform (used on formal parades or when instructed to do so)

As Working Blues but with a Wedgewood (light) Blue shirt and is always worn with a tie

Combat Clothing (DPM's) (used for field exercises or shooting)

Soldier '95 (S95) pattern Shirt
S95 Trousers (with green belt for field exercises or optional RAF Stable belt in 'Barrack' wear)
S95 Ripstop Jacket
Green t-shirt for wear under S95 shirt
RAF B/G Beret
Black Combat Boots (NOT issued by squadron)

[Note: DPMís are not issued to individual cadets on long term loan, but are issued on an 'as and when required' basis.  When they are needed for any reason a cadet should speak to an NCO who will arrange for their issue. They MUST be returned clean following the activity.]

This is a lot to take in but don't worry, you will be trained how to wear your uniform with pride.  References to uniform wear can be found at in ACP 20b in ACAI 204 (found in the squadron office).